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How can I get my money back if bank lost my endorsed tax refund?

My bank did not clear my endorsed federal tax refund after I made ATM deposit. Bank claimed it had missing endorsement and it was mailed back. But, I never received it. I also contacted IRS and was told IRS will not re-issue a check if it was cashed out already. Should I file at small claims court to get my money back from the bank??

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8 Responses to “How can I get my money back if bank lost my endorsed tax refund?”

  1. Replace said :

    Don’t fool around with small claims court.
    Consult an attorney and plan to file in federal court and/or file claim with FDIC.

  2. Jss said :

    Wait for a few more days. You should get the check.
    Else you will have to contact IRS for a new check.

    For articles on your U.S. tax return,

  3. [email protected] said :

    FDIC only deals with banks with pronlems, not with personal accounts. The banks deal with it if someone like me gets ripped off

  4. John Scott said :

    The IRS should be able to initiate a trace after four weeks from the mailing date. They will be able to tell if it was cashed. Call them again.

  5. StephenWeinstein said :

    You could (truthfully) tell the IRS (1) that the bank told you that the check was not endorsed, (2) that it was not cashed, (3) that it was lost. The IRS would probably consider the bank’s claim that the check was not endorsed authoritative and not care that you remember something different.

  6. Janesy said :

    If that’s the case, the check never cleared so the IRS still shows it as uncashed. Go back to the IRS and ask them to reissue the check. Good luck, it’s not as painful as it sounds.

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  8. Roscoe said :

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