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Do you work in a finance or accountant department?

How do you deal with a talkative co-worker? Trust me, I don’t stand them. I just want to tell them to shut up.

I had one at my previous employment I went crazy because of her. 2 weeks to the hospital.

Should I say, it’s me the probrem?

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4 Responses to “Do you work in a finance or accountant department?”

  1. ~girlfriday~ said :

    Obviously, you need quiet to concentrate on a task – nothing wrong with that. Simply, tell the talkative co-worker, “Hey, I’m trying to do ‘x’ at the moment and I need to concentrate.” S/he should get the message – especially if it’s payroll you’re working on or something that affects that person directly!

  2. Veritas said :

    Finance and Accountancy work requires concentration. How can you concentrate with a chatter box distracting you? It is better not to mix people doing routine work that doesn’t require much concentration, with more advanced accounting work, which does.

    Is your view shared by anyone else? because there is strength in numbers.

  3. Steveh said :

    I work in an Accounts department and I had one of those talkative people who would not listen to you, what I did was asked them politely to be quiet as you have to concentrate on your task at hand or as I as did I went straight to the Boss, that worked. You would normally go through your department head but as I am the Departmental Head, I had only the Boss to go to. Try it to see if it works. If not just tell the to shut the hell up

  4. Angelkiss85 said :

    Just tell her/him that you are busy and that you need a little bit of quiet time


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