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How can i get a work placement for a support role in an investment bank in london?

I would like to do unpaid placement of between 3 days – 3 weeks within the presentation department of an investment bank. DO investment banks do this for support role? also a few sentences on how to word this without sounding deperate lol

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2 Responses to “How can i get a work placement for a support role in an investment bank in london?”

  1. speedy ski said :

    This would be exposure to all sorts of proprietary information.–most of it is on a “need to know” basis. I doubt any firm would want to expose themselves to any risk with having an uncommitted person there.

  2. V.T.V.RAM said :

    As there are financial markets across the world, London plays a crucial role because it bridges the time zones between the US and the Far East. Employers range from the large investment banks to smaller, specialist firms.
    here are numerous roles within investment banking and you will need a different set of skills for each. The main roles you may aspire are :-
    Research – gathering, analyzing and reporting on information about companies and the financial situation.
    Sales – building relationships with clients, giving advice and selling financial products.
    Trading – buying and selling financial products to make a profit.
    Corporate finance and banking – helping clients to raise money for expansion; advising clients on takeovers and mergers with other companies.
    Please research, using employers’ websites, is the best way to start. Look for descriptions of the types of career opportunities available and the qualities they seek from prospective recruits.


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