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What organization do I report an accountant to for poor performance?

My accountant has made some terrible errors and I want to report his actions to some group that can review his work etc. I know that I could go to the BBB but does that really help?

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One Response to “What organization do I report an accountant to for poor performance?”

  1. florida_accountants said:

    I as an Accountant hate to see any accountant lose his livelyhood, or anyone else for that matter. However, if he or she is impacting other people’s lives and businesses in a negative way and creating problems for them, well the he or she Can and Must be reported to the State Certified Public Accountants Society in whatever state you happen to be in. That is the Society that has qualified the accountant to serve the public as a CPA, and issued the CPA license to that accountant.

    CPA Societies have peer reviews, and have boards to hear and handle complaints and correct problems that were created by accountants in that state.

    The BBB does not really do anything except keep a record of your complaint, and frankly not many people even subscribe to the BBB services, that is why you see so many areas that do not even have a BBB.

    I have included for you here the list of every CPA/Accounting Society for every state. Go to the one you are in on and contact them.

    Good Luck to you.

    Alabama Association of Accountants

    Alabama Society of CPAs

    Alaska Society of CPAs

    Arizona Society of CPAs

    Arizona Society of Practicing Accountants

    Arkansas Society of CPAs

    Arkansas Society of Public Accountants

    California Society of Accounting and Tax Professionals

    California Society of CPAs

    Colorado Public Accountants Society

    Colorado Society of CPAs

    Connecticut Society of CPAs

    Delaware Association of Public Accountants

    Delaware Society of CPAs

    District of Columbia Greater Washington Society of CPAs


    Florida Institute of CPAs

    Georgia Association of Public Accountants

    Georgia Society of CPAs

    Hawaii Association of Public Accountants

    Hawaii Society of CPAs

    Idaho Association of Public Accountants

    Idaho Society of CPAs

    Illinois CPA Society

    Illinois Independent Accountants Association

    Indiana CPA Society

    Iowa Accountants Association

    Iowa Society of CPAs

    Kansas Public Accountants Association

    Kansas Society of CPAs

    Kentucky Society of CPAs

    Louisiana Society of CPAs

    Louisiana Society of Independent Accountants

    Maine Society of CPAs

    Maryland Association of CPAs

    Maryland Society of Accountants

    Massachusetts Association of Public Accountants

    Massachusetts Society of CPAs

    Michigan Association of CPAs

    Michigan Independent Accountants Association

    Minnesota Association of Public Accountants

    Minnesota Society of CPAs

    Mississippi Society of CPAs

    Missouri Society of Accountants

    Missouri Society of CPAs

    Montana Society of CPAs

    Nebraska Society of CPAs

    Nevada Society of CPAs

    New Hampshire Society of CPAs

    New Jersey Association of Public Accountants

    New Jersey Society of CPAs

    New Mexico Society of CPAs

    New Mexico Society of Public Accountants

    New York State Society of CPAs

    North Carolina Association of CPAs

    North Carolina Society of Accountants

    North Dakota Society of Accountants

    North Dakota Society of CPAs

    Ohio Society of CPAs

    Oklahoma Society of CPAs

    Oklahoma Society of Public Accountants

    Oregon Association of Independent Accountants

    Oregon Society of CPAs

    Pennsylvania Institute of CPAs

    Pennsylvania Society of Public Accountants

    Rhode Island Association of Public Accountants

    Rhode Island Society of CPAs

    Society of California Accountants

    South Carolina Association of CPAs

    South Carolina Society of Accountants

    South Dakota CPA Society

    Tennessee Association of Public Accountants

    Tennessee Society of CPAs

    Texas Association of Financial and Tax Specialist

    Texas Society of CPAs

    Utah Association of CPAs

    Vermont Society of CPAs

    Virginia Accountants Society

    Virginia Society of CPAs

    Washington Association of Accountants

    Washington Society of CPAs

    West Virginia Public Accountants Association

    West Virginia Society of CPAs

    Wisconsin Institute of CPAs

    Wyoming Association of Public Accountants

    Wyoming Society of CPAs


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