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Can I work for a finance company if been declared bankrupt?

Was bankrupt two years ago and want to apply for job with finance company, credit company can I still apply?

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3 Responses to “Can I work for a finance company if been declared bankrupt?”

  1. Lily H said :

    did they ask if you have been made bankrupt on the application form, if not – i dont see how it would make a difference.

  2. Tjay said :

    A friend of mine got a job with a high profile credit card company. While he was doing the induction he had to provide details of his banking history ect. He had frequently gone overdrawn on his bank account and they withdrew the offer of the job. He was gutted.

  3. Kernow Lady said :

    You can try, but I would have thought that if you cannot look after your own finance responsibly could you look after theirs.
    They will want a full credit history from you.


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