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Do you find finance work quite soulless?

I am working in a finance company but it is so soulless.

You are not helping anyone, there is no spirit or passion to the work, it just feels really empty if you get what I mean.

Does anyone else find this?

Time for me to find a new career I think.

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5 Responses to “Do you find finance work quite soulless?”

  1. Danielle said :

    yes and head doing too

  2. livinfortheweekend2 said :

    I work in finance too and find it extremely boring but I didn’t choose this job for the passion or spirit, I do it for the wages.

  3. lea n jase said :

    I am training up to be a bookkeeper and I just can’t wait until I can start work. I have always loved working with numbers and also with money.

  4. Lucky Me said :

    You need to go within and rediscover some of your original dreams as a youth. What is your hobby or passion? What really matters to you? Apparently you need to be in a business that helps people in some meaningful way. That’s commendable. I applaud you for realizing it before retirement age. That would have been really painful.

  5. nickoscar said :

    Counting money souless, you must be nuts, see if you can come up with a method of diverting some of it your way, that should make life more interesting


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