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what Can i do when a finance company does not offer a reasonable compensation quote?

our holiday was totally ruined when a well known finance company lost my partners passport and had sent it to a wrong address twice. my partner and child could not fly out with me and the rest of our family group till 3 days before we were due to fly back home.
the distress was unbelievable. epecially at the airport.
they have offered to pay for the holiday with a small amount of spending money ie £500 between 6 members of immediate family.

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6 Responses to “what Can i do when a finance company does not offer a reasonable compensation quote?”

  1. Kevin said :

    i dont know

  2. Mick B said :

    You can always refuse the first offer. Often there is room for negotiation and the 1st offer they make is the lowest they can get away with. Try stamping your feet a bit and tell them its not good enough. Lay it on thick. Anyone else would

  3. fuzzierfelt said :

    Typical. Keep fighting and don’t accept what they are offering. Take it to the Ombudsman and see if they can get involved on your behalf or right to The Daily Express who have a ‘ripped off’ type page and maybe they can battle it for you. Get every conversation dated and timed and try and keep the conversation in note form.

  4. denzzuk said :

    Sue them.

  5. Antwan Willingham said :

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  6. Porsha Guerrette said :

    We are using Umbraco as our CMS offering. Mainly because it fits the type of client we are aiming at a certain price point. Also because it is the best .NET open source CMS that we found.

    They are smaller and don’t require so many features or fine grain control on security etc.

    But of course there are other clients who are prepared to pay for off the shelf features and the license fee that comes with Sitecore or Episerver.

    Right now Umbraco is helping us on our way. But as soon as that client comes along who needs that bit more and is prepared to pay the license fee for it, then that’s fine with us.


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