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can you work in a insurance company if you dont have a business, accounts or finance academic background-?

i have been called for a interview by a finance & insurance company, but i have a degree in bachelor of science. fortunately, the company is offering training do you think i will manage

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4 Responses to “can you work in a insurance company if you dont have a business, accounts or finance academic background-?”

  1. jonnyneedshelp said :

    I work for a large insurance company and don’t have a degree or background as you suggest! I am doing brilliant! Good Luck you’ll be fine, they wouldn’t give you an interview if they didn’t think you could cope!

  2. Ash said :

    Of course you can , when they look at your CV, whilst a finance related degree would help, its not esential – what the degree proves is that you can apply yourself and that academically you can work at a high level, basically your clever – in insurance you may have to take exams , to comply with the financial services authority, but after that you’ll be fine. At the end of the day I’m not convinved that degrees really prepare you for the real working world as business’ have their way of doing things that won’t fit nicely into chapter 4 of that business studies book, trust me my degree subject matter didn’t really transpose itself into my working life – go for it

  3. ANF said :

    You will have no trouble. You will get the initial training to set you off and then if you wish to progress there are many exams to be taken over the coming years. What a pity to waste a BSc on commerce.

  4. welcome news said :

    Yes – insurance you will find is quite a technical profession so insurers are always looking for capable people – who can be trained up rather than people who have studied the subject (insurance after all is not a popular course at University!).

    As you have a degree you are presumably quite intelligent. If you want the job make sure you appear on time and are well dressed – impressions count.


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