How do I find the best debt consolidation loans?

I’m looking to consolidate all of my CC’s and a personal loans into one loan.

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  1. Elle said:



  2. Angelika said:

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  3. LINZ1972 said:

    Hi there, I found two companies Dissolve Debt and Magic Wand – worth a google. Instead of going that route though I started my own online business. Found a fab company that for $10 a month has a website builder and also does hosting for no extra cost. Started selling herbalife / avon etc. Take a look at the link. The website company also credits subscribers for referrals – a pretty good deal that’s helped me loads. Best of luck to you and I hope you’re debt free in the very near future.

  4. St M said:
  5. Brandon said:

    Debt consolidation could be a good thing, or it could actually make your situation worse. It’s a lack of knowledge of tips on budgeting and a discipline to follow them that gets most people in too much debt. The problem is we spend more than we make and have bad money habits.

    So, unless we learn better money habits, debt consolidation will just create one big debt, and free up more money on our credit cards so we can rack up big balances again.

    My suggestion would be to develop a decent budget and learn how to save money.

    But, if consolidation is your last option, try a mortgage broker. They should be able to help.


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