what is the best company for overnite cash loans/advances? pay day loans?

my payroll dept screwed up my paycheck. i wont be getting it until 3 weeks now and i need to pay my rent by the 1st. i need a small payday loan cash advance.. whats the best company to do so??? i know nothing about these… any experiences would be wonderful..

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5 Responses to “what is the best company for overnite cash loans/advances? pay day loans?”

  1. Kaboose said:

    can you put it on a credit card.

  2. theHoundDawg said:

    Not much difference between any of the top flight companies. There are several to choose from here:

  3. Kayli said:

    If you are not prepared for a financial emergency, you are not alone. Most double and single income households do not have the resources saved to protect themselves in an emergency!


    Behind on a monthly utility? No big deal for some, but for those who are just a short time from payday, the costs of paying for utility re-connects far outweigh the cost of most payday loans. So, why not just kite a check? Now you are facing the possibility of the check bouncing and having to pay the bounce fees (usually very high).

  4. jhellie_baby said:
  5. Brooke B said:

    I would talk to whoever you pay rent to first. Most apartments will allow you to pay late if you explain the circumstance. These loan companies are … not very nice people most times and the amount you pay back is insane.

    You’ll want to research this some more….


    Have a nice day.


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