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Whats the best way to budget in order to save money for a holiday?

A small holiday is always appreciated. However money does not grow on trees! I have heard people talking about making a budget to save money, then before I know it they are off on a holiday!!
Does anyone have any ideas to budget in order to save money.

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6 Responses to “Whats the best way to budget in order to save money for a holiday?”

  1. red said :

    deposit X amount into a separate bank account you dont have a cash card to everytime you get paid. put X amount in a jar everytime you dont buy cigs etc etc

  2. D B said :

    open a bulding society account and set up a standing order paying a regular amount into it. Make sure it is somewhere you would have to make a real effort to get to to draw the money out.

  3. nagbag said :

    Never leave tv, computer etc on standby.
    Stick to a list when shopping unless you see a cheaper alternative.
    Ignore buying 2 for the price of one stuff if you can’t use it before it goes off.
    Walk shorter distances instead of taking the car, good for you too.
    Use energy efficient light bulbs.
    Put on something warm instead of something skimpy before you turn the heating on.
    Lower temp set on thermostats a degree or two
    Good draught proofing
    Using the oven, plan to cook more than one thing at a time.

  4. felix said :

    Go onto google type Martin Lewis Money Saving Expert.
    Martin gives lot of tips on how to save money and also has a budget planner on there.

  5. knowitall said :

    Set up a Spreadsheet on your PC.

    At the top insert your TOTAL INCOME.
    Underneath this, list and enter your TOTAL EXPENDITURE.
    Dont forget to include misc. living expenses. (ready Cash needed for incidentals)
    You will find, after a couple of months that you may be wasting a lot of money on frivolous things.
    Don’t try to save too much at a time…dont leave your self short.

    Save your change is one idea.

    Hope this helps..and enjoy your holiday.

  6. Florrie Elerson said :

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