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What’s the difference between Money order and Postal money order?

I’m trying to buy somtihng on ebay, and i even asked the seller, and he said he accepts international money order, but not postal money order. So what’s the difference between just money order and postal money order?

How do i even DO a money order?

so does that mean he will accept “international postal money order” or not?

does postal money order mean “thru the post office?”
so where do you do the money order? online? a post office? where? is there a age limit?


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3 Responses to “What’s the difference between Money order and Postal money order?”

  1. osumar317 said :

    You get a money order from a bank or drug store. A postal order is the same thing just from a post office.

  2. worldinspector said :

    In the U.S. a postal money order is simply a money order that you buy at the post office. All money orders, whether you buy it at your local food market, the post office, or wherever they are sold, should be equally good.

  3. Mrs. Hopeful said :

    A money order you can buy anywhere, A postal money order you can only buy and cash at the post office. There is no age limit on buying them, and you basically fill out, your name, address, and the auction # on it .


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