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What would you say if i had £4000 in my bank account at 18 years old?

What would you say if i had £4000 in my bank account at 18 years old
I also have 4 ps3,4 xbox 360,2 imac,10,laptop and more email me for my link of video on youtube.

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17 Responses to “What would you say if i had £4000 in my bank account at 18 years old?”

  1. ? said :

    it is 7000 dollars

  2. Leanne S said :

    I’m 19 and i wish i had that kinda money

  3. ▐▀▀☟▀▀▌ ☞ⓑⓘⓛ☜ ▐▄▄☝▄▄▌ said :

    Your slightly richer than me.

  4. xlaurenx said :

    id say good on u lol i never had more than 40 quid in my bank wen i was 18 lol

  5. Godlovesyou said :

    Can you take me shopping LOL good on you !!

  6. buzzzzz said :

    Well……do you or don’t you !

  7. GIZMO said :

    Good for you. Why don’t you invest some of it in a high interest account for your future?

  8. Sunshine Smile said :

    Either a very sensible 18 year old or a very spoilt 18 year old – which one?

  9. Han said :

    I would say well done if you put it there yourself, and count yourself incredibly lucky if it’s been put there by someone else for you.

    Are you planning to pur chase anything in particular with it?

    Edit: good for you? I hope you’re taking some sort of satisfaction in this showing off. Your mother would not be proud of this behaviour – a little humility goes a long way.

  10. Dickie said :

    flash git

  11. italianscotschick said :

    lend me a tenner

    you sound materialistic..

    im 24 and I have £4,000 saved for my house… but i dont go about bragging about it.

  12. Tilbi said :

    What would I say?

    I would say you sound like you are bragging to a bunch of strangers on the internet about what you perceive to be your own wealth.

    Not really a very impressive thing to do.

  13. charterman said :

    At that age I wore handmade suits, shoes, drove a new expensive car and had the time of my life.

    Now that I am older and have my own place, I shop in charity shops and wait for the bus. It will happen to you too. It is called marriage.

  14. reka_poti said :

    If your lucky enough to have that much in your bank account, then good on you, and if you can keep it there on add to it, it wont take long to build up.

    Many people would love to have that much in their bank account, and to be able to keep it there.

  15. Michael S said :

    You only wish you had all these things.Why would anyone need 4 ps3, 4 xboxes etc? Keep dreaming mate if it keeps you happy!

  16. Anonymous said :

    you wont have anything left after you graduate from collage
    so its not impressive

  17. activated alumina said :

    dating a girl


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