How much do Bank Tellers usually start out making?

I live in South Jersey and was wondering what type of salary Bank Tellers start out at.

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7 Responses to “How much do Bank Tellers usually start out making?”

  1. melissa said:

    In the philly area you start around 9-11 hourly (Full time)

    It all depends on what are you are in. I think it should be similar in south jersey. Citizens started me off at 11 an hour (with no previous teller experience) – 2 years ago. Could be the same but just apply around and take the highest bidder. the job doesnt differ by bank, its all the same.

    Experience has something to do with it too. Some banks have different tiers depending on experience. Just as for 11 and see where it takes you. you wont get rejected for asking that much.

  2. becka212 said:

    In the bank I worked at in MA (usually we have similar prices, wages to NJ) it’s around $9-10/hr.

  3. Tyrone said:

    Part time is about 10 or 11 dollars/hour, I am down South though so it may be different in Jersey. Most bank tellers start out part time before they can be full time

  4. txpartyguy said:

    You can do better than a teller job. You wouldn’t make much doing that either. A lot of banks have management development programs. What they do is hire you in and start training you with courses, job shadowing and seminars. You will work several positions within a bank to see where you fit best. The trade off here is that if they are short staffed at a particular branch or department, you might have to cover there until they find a replacement. Then, after about a year or so of floating around, they will place you into a permanent position. It is a nice way to figure out where you would most like to start out. Best of all, they just want a bachelor’s degree…most banks don’t care what kind of bachelor’s degree it is, just as long as you have one. I’m sure business degrees may get a little more weight, but I’ve seen it range anywhere from teaching to tourism.

  5. schwildcat1977 said:

    not as much as most people think. I can’t say the ## but I rent to a teller that would not have qualified for the house by herself.

  6. angelica said:

    9-11 an hr

  7. sasil85 said:

    Nationwide average for a bank teller position is 8 dollars an hour. Of course it varies from area to area and bank to bank. From customer base to customer base. Despite what others have said I wouldn’t expect anything over 10.


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