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What does it mean when my student loans have a zero balance due to a claim?

My student loans are through NelNet and I received a letter from NelNet instructing me to stop making payments. The reason they give is that my student loan account has been paid by a claim and now has a zero balance. I have had student loans since 1995; but I also have filed bankruptcy. What does all this mean? What claim paid my loans off? Did I or someone else get sued for the money?

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3 Responses to “What does it mean when my student loans have a zero balance due to a claim?”

  1. n7ybn said :

    That is a question they should be able to answer for you. Is it possible there was a class action suit? Or included in bankruptcy? Contact them and find out.


  2. Yasmeen D said :

    I thought the laws didn’t allow student loans to be apart of a bankruptcy. But you should really contact the student loan provider to see what is going on. They may have sold your loan to another company so its not its not longer owed to the original one.

  3. Tricia Nelnet said :

    There are many reasons that a loan could be considered paid in full by claim. We would be happy to research what the situation was for your particular account. Please e-mail us at [email protected] and include “blog response” in the subject line. Please also include your account number and date of birth so we may identify your account. Please do not post this personal information on We look forward to helping you better understand the claim that paid your loan.
    Tricia Kubik – Nelnet


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