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can you get graduate student loans with home foreclosure on your credit report?

I know that you can get federal student subsidized and nonsubsidized loan, but these non-credit based loans only goes up to $20,000. The school I want to go to cost $60K. Are there any other types of loans out there available to grad students with bad credit? My FICO score now is 445.

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5 Responses to “can you get graduate student loans with home foreclosure on your credit report?”

  1. Humble F said :

    I would say so.

  2. svengteach said :

    That is tough because if they pull your credit, they will see that your credit is shaky. I would contact the institute you plan to borrow from and ask them.

  3. Billy G said :

    For graduate school you should be looking at the GRAD PLUS loan, but you are right about them falling well short of the 60k you need for school.

    Have you considered a cosigner? A private student loan, often referred to as an “alternative loan” will lend up to $45k annually as long as credit and debt to income stipulations are met. Each loan is unique in its own way, but the general credit criteria needed is in the mid 600s. If you are not “hard denied”, meaning that you will not be able to get the loan even with the help of a cosigner, you may be able to get the funds required.
    You can try this site to see what your options are,

    Good luck.

  4. John Harris said :

    Yes, some student loan lenders don’t look at your credit report since some of the loans are guaranteed by the federal ggovernment.

  5. foreclosurefish_com said :

    The traditional loans through non subsidized programs will not be possible with such a low credit score. The lenders will still look at your credit and a score of 445 will not qualify. If it was low because of lack of credit, then it would be different, but since you have other negative issues on your credit, they would consider you too high of a risk.

    You should consider applying for as many grants or scholarships as possible to make up the rest of your tuition.


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