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What are the requirements to become an accountant?

I’m 13, and have just decided to become an accountant so what can I start doing now to make sure that I will become one.

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3 Responses to “What are the requirements to become an accountant?”

  1. septogenarian said :

    An excellent profession. Talk to your school counselor as you will need to meet the necessary college requirements. Bookkeeping, Math and English are very useful. Business administration is another way to fly. A little business experience when you are old enough to work or maybe build a business on your own. If you have your own computer, maybe a bookkeeping or accounting program to help you practice.

  2. TaxGurl said :

    The requirements to become a CPA vary a little from state to state but the current standard seems to be at least 150 college credit hours (A Bachelor’s degree is only 120 so you’re looking at grad school) as well as other requirements like certain work experience.
    You can be an accountant without becoming a CPA though. For that, companies tend to look for a college degree in accounting or business.

    Here’s the link to the NASBA – National Association of State Boards of Accountancy. From this, you can see what the requirements would be for your state.

  3. Maar veel meer moet worden uitgevoerd said :

    It’s difficult to find knowledgeable people about this subject, however, you sound like you know what you’re talking about! Thanks


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