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How much money can be withdrawn over the counter in a bank?

I require substantially more than my daily withdrawal limit,
Is it possible to go into the bank and withdraw any amount I need?

Thank you for your help 🙂

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5 Responses to “How much money can be withdrawn over the counter in a bank?”

  1. angelinyourdreams99_us said :

    i think u have to let them 24 hrs in advance if u want more out than ure limit allows. i think u have to take proof of identity too

  2. Devastation Assistant said :

    With photo identity and a bank statement ( recent one) you can walk in and withdraw as much as you want to. ( If it is a substantial ammount ring the bank first so they know your going in). Some smaller village banks do not have large amounts available for withdrawal.

  3. rtfm said :

    You can withdraw as much as you have in your account.

    If you want to withdraw a very large amount, it would be considerate to let the bank know of your plans, so they can make sure to have enough cash on hand. (Although it would be safer to withdraw the funds in the form of a bank check).

  4. Cala said :

    Banks have a daily counter limit, so if you want more than that you will need to give them notice. Having id won’t guarantee you being given a large cash sum unless you have rung the bank at least 24 hours previously to order the cash.

  5. bluebell said :

    The policy is different from bank to bank. One bank will allow me no more than €1900 per day, and another lets me withdraw as much as I want. I have seen notices in other banks that withdrawals over a certain amount require 24 hours notice. You will need to ask your own bank what their policy is.


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