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How much money can you withdraw from a bank?

Say like you were a billionaire or someshiit, and you wanted to withdraw £1billion from the bank. Are you allowed to have it handed to you from over the counter? Or do you have to have some sort of special service fly it over to your estate or something?

Basically, how does it all work when you want to withdraw BIG sums of money?
Yeah, I kinda figured if you wanted to move large sums of money, it would be done so electronically. But it is MY money after all, so is it possible to be in possession of tangible £10billion, and not electronic?

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6 Responses to “How much money can you withdraw from a bank?”

  1. Chris said :

    Banks do not keep all the deposits from their customers in cash inside the bank. If you wanted a huge amount of cash, you would need to arrange with them ahead of time.

    But that’s so unsafe – you could be shot outside of the bank for the cash. With computers, if you want to move large amounts of cash, it’s moved electronically.

    So, hypothetically, if that much money physically exists in the area it could be pulled together and given to you. I found an article from May 2010 that says £44.9 billion pounds worth of notes and coins are in circulation in the UK – article link in source. Something to consider would be how large a space would your withdrawal take up and the weight – how would you move it around, would it fit in your car?

  2. Scouse said :

    If you are fool enough to do that the bank subject to the terms and conditions of the account will pay it over the counter if that is what you want. They would rightly be reluctant from a security point of view for their sake as well as yours. They would want some notice of withdrawal of this particularly large amount just so that the Branch could have the cash available to you

  3. Caveat Emptor said :

    You can withdraw as much as you have in your account. Getting it all in CASH, however, may take some prearrangement.

  4. fivetoze said :

    well a lot depends on how big your gun is… but normally, in working hours, you can draw around 350 quid over the counter, larger sums, thousands, if you have it, it realeased with a phone call.. mainly just to head office can say whether the bank actually has that much cash…

    contrary to common belief, banks, ARE NOT full of folding…

  5. God you are my all in all in Jesus' name said :

    the worst debtor is the bank. Its always borrowing from you and me.

  6. vaughn_nebeker said :

    It’s done on chip’s: but never electronically.
    A Billion pound is only NASA 10 chip’s. There about the size of a British farthing or top en’s.
    from england to the united states is a 30% natural mark up.
    !0 time a $100 million = a $Billion$. yes it’s a phisacel carry.


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