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how many days a week does meta trader 4 trade the forex market?

i downloaded a demo version of it and have placed a expert advisor which is already there under the expert advisor heading on the side. It hasnt made any trades itseld though as yet, the expert advisors are MACD sample and moving average, do these two trade automatically? how do i get it to work then?

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4 Responses to “how many days a week does meta trader 4 trade the forex market?”

  1. Christian B said :

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  2. paras j said :


    An FX trade is made up of the concurrent buying and selling of currency. This means that a trader will buy the currency of a foreign country while at the same time selling the currency of another, not necessarily that of his own country. Such a trade is referred to as a cross and is represented by the initials of the different countries and currencies. For example, the symbol GBPUSD stands for the cross of the Great Britain Pound to the United States Dollar. The most common crosses involve the Japanese Yen, the United States dollar and the Great Britain pound. Many of the most important FX trading are called spot deals as they are completed ‘on the spot.’ Normally these deals take two banking days to complete. FX trading isn’t as involved as many other investments such as the stock market and can be done quickly and efficiently.

  3. Choco S said :

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  4. Mohan raj k said :

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