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I need infrmation regarding the forex trader?

I need to konw is it as good as they say it is on its website? what is traded through this process? is there a unlimited time for a demo account?

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7 Responses to “I need infrmation regarding the forex trader?”

  1. Boris said :

    you mean gain capital? No, they are not a reliable broker. I think demo should be free and unlimited and by all means take advantage of it, but the only reliable brokers i would trust are Interactive Brokers (my broker) and Oanda for FX. Other places, most notably FXCM, GAIN and many others are nothing more than bucketshops which are looking to take your deposits by any means necessary, including chasing your stops and varying the spread on your executions.

  2. Alice said :

    It is always false on the cover page. this is to attract people and just make profit through it. I cannot trust anyone like that. i follow only FINEXO because many of my friends have already used it and i am using it since last 2 1/2 years.

    The best things i like about Finexo is :

    1. Leverage ratio: 1:200 which is quite manageable as high leverage will lead to greater pressure on traders.
    2. Rolling charges are quite low compared to other platforms. Also they charge different rates depending on gaining or losing position which is good for traders.
    3. Easy deposit and withdrawal facilities.
    4. Great fund managers controlling my accounts very well, specially when i am out of trading for some days.
    5. 24hr customer services available. can have live chats directly through Finexo sites.
    6. Mobile Alerts and mail alerts
    7. At the last, Very well timed forex alerts and tips in order to derive profit through those news.

  3. johnny0 said :

    If you need trader be sure to read about automated forex trading systems. They are great and could help you with your starting forex business. Visit for more info

  4. Xelam said :

    talk to an expert forex trader. this way you get to get live information on how to deal forex. check your options in this site. they can provide you a personal Account Service manager to be your personal consultant. you can discuss live all matters regarding forex trading, how it is done, the risks, the basics, how to analyse market trends, etc..

  5. mr.acis said :

    InstaForex offers the trading services for private and institutional traders on the Forex markets, NYSE(CFD) and Commodities (GOLD, SILVER).

    The main principle of InstaForex is the Instant trading, i.e. momentary processing of all deals. InstaForex offers better conditions for the traders, which include:
    – no minimum deposit
    – trade micro lot
    – leverage up to 1:500
    – wide spectrum of trading instruments
    – competitive swaps and spreads
    – swap free account available
    – trading without dealing desk
    – customer support 24/5
    – the best affiliate program – 2 pips from every trade
    – free practice account

    We are inviting all the traders to take part into the affiliate program by proclaiming revolutionary new conditions for the participants of the affiliate program:
    – We are giving 2 pips from each deal processed by recruited client
    – Momentary putting commissions on the account
    – Withdraw agent commissions through e-Gold, WebMoney, Liberty Reserve, Bank transfer

    InstaForex – new forex broker with better conditions for traders and partners.

  6. Chimezie E said :

    Your best bet is an automated system, it takes absolute ages to learn thios stuff on your own, no matter what anyone says.

    Hope this helps

  7. David S said :

    Don’t believe everything you read, most of the forex sites are scams. Forex is the market where you can trade currencies from different countries for one another. Check out for more in depth information.


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