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When forex tradeing why cant I trade both sides and use a stop loss?

When forex tradeing why cant I trade both sides and use a stop loss? It seems like it would work if the market moved enough.
I know that I have the cost of the spread, but it seems like this would work, why doesnt it, if the trailing stop loss is active. Both going short and long.

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4 Responses to “When forex tradeing why cant I trade both sides and use a stop loss?”

  1. Inspector Clouseau said :

    Do you mean by trading ‘both sides’ that you would be long the Eur/Usd and short the Eur/Usd at the same time? If so you wouldn’t be making or losing any money (except for the spread in opening and terminating the trades).

    Is that what you mean???

  2. Suzane P said :

    I think he means buying of one currency on one side and selling off on other side. Isnt it??

    My friend this will offset your buying and selling with the same lot size and same time frame.


  3. Daniel said :

    If your trading with MetaTrader then just use an expert advisor to the trading for you. Some Expert Advisors will let you cover yourself in both directions with a stop loss…

    You can read more about the different Expert Advisors at:

  4. Andy said :

    Hi garryh41,

    I advise you not to do manual trading either short or long. Because manual trading is always affected by panic, greed and fear. If you really want to make money, you should use an expert advisor.

    As I monitored, currency market is most volatile market and implementing “stop loss” may result to loss of all investments. So “averaging strategy” is most perfect for making money through forex market. I have a lot of experience of manual trading in Forex Market. And on the basis of my long experience of a few years, I suggest you not to do manual trading. I also listened and read about a lot of Forex Robots and tried a few of them.

    Currency market is most liquid market of the word. With the use of correct strategy anyone can make money through Forex market. It’s a simple process to understand, buy a nation’s currency when their economy is weak, and then trade the currency to make a profit when the global economy starts to change.

    Forex trading is a very profitable business in today’s world. Unlike the domestic stock markets, the forex currency trading is open for trades 24 hours a day. A successful Forex trader is one for whom the total amount of profit eventually outweighs the amount of loss. Using an auto trading software will eliminate the chances of the trader’s emotions affecting his or her decisions. Therefore, to be successful in Forex market, one should do Auto trading.

    Myself a most successful Currency Trader. With the Forex Market I am making money daily without any risk.

    I have a great experience of Forex Trading both manual and Auto. I am a successful currency trader. I had uses a lot of Forex auto robot. But none found like Aeron Forex Auto Trader ( It is really for making money.

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