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How long is it before paypal debits your bank account ?

I need to pay for something online using paypal, however ive just checked my bank account and there is not enough funds to cover it yet. I get paid at midnight tonight. Do you think the debit goes out straight away or does it take a certain time to clear in paypal first before leaving your bank ?

Thanks guys

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2 Responses to “How long is it before paypal debits your bank account ?”

  1. Stacy-ann said:

    Should be fine to use your paypal now if you get paid at midnight I think it takes up to 3 days

  2. smudge said:

    from the times i have dealt with Pay-Pal when you order the receipt
    comes back in minutes so i don’t think your purchase would go through the dealer because the dealer checks your account first then passes the ok to PayPal. hope this helps.


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