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How can I finance a land purchase (small scale) (UK)?

I’m looking to buy 3-4 acres of grazing land for around £20,000.

I’m unsure about finance (will take proper advice if I find somewhere suitable).

Can you tell me whether I need a land mortgage? Or will an ordinary residential mortgage or a loan suffice?

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3 Responses to “How can I finance a land purchase (small scale) (UK)?”

  1. Lily B Talus said :

    you’ll need a loan for this, look in Farmers Weekly for businesses that lend for this sort of purchase

  2. psychopiet said :

    The best way is to pay with your own money, this saves a lot of hassle. Otherwise any loan which works is fine. The lowest interest charged is on land-mortgages where you bring in at least 30% own capital. The highest interest would be charged if you use your credit card for financing.
    An alternative way would be to get a mortgage on your house and use the money for the purchase of the land.

  3. Toni M said :

    You could get a mortgage, however in the current economic climate it might be difficult


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