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Whats the best way to obtain finance to buy land?

Planning to build a timber frame house on it and sell it on. Any suggestions – all appreciated. Based in Scotland if that helps!Thanks guys!

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12 Responses to “Whats the best way to obtain finance to buy land?”

  1. charlotte l said :

    Go to a reputable financial advisor – you should be able to get a mortgage on a plot, the bank will then release the money to you in stages.

    Good luck

  2. Sergio S said :

    I can help you get the land and get you started w/ the construction
    shot me an e-mail
    [email protected]
    with further questions

  3. prateek m said :

    i think its loan from bank

  4. Chris B said :

    Getting a mortgage from a bank or building society would be your best option unless you have substantial savings.

  5. SUSIE B said :

    Hi I work for a commercial Mortgage company, we offer land acquisition Mortgages my number is 07792302776 feel free to call if you’d like further help. Susie Bennison Town and Country Commercials.

  6. Howard A said :


    Nice planning, however for any finance related issues, I suggest you to deal with, which deals in business loans as-well-as any purpose loan.

    Get a call back by filling an online short form of apply now and we’ll contact you with all possible help.

    Here is the online form-

  7. bluebell said :

    Talk to your bank. They are always interested in doing more business, and because you are a known customer, you have a head start already.

    I wouldn’t mention wanting to sell it on – they might view that as speculation.

  8. scottie said :

    I used this company about five years ago when building my home in Scotland. They gave advise and helped me with a lender. Although, going to a mortgage adviser is also an option. I used Skipton B.S at the outset. If you need a mortgage advisor(Dundee) I can recommend a lady who helped and free, just email me.

    Selfbuild is tough if you don’t know what your doing (experience). I got there in the end

    They were based in Livingston

    Good Luck

  9. Denise said :

    Some mortgage lenders will lend on self-build schemes but you will need funds to cover part of the purchase and build costs, suitable planning permission will be required etc. and the build will need to be certified by the local authority and a qualified valuer at various stages of construction. Hope this helps.

  10. Worked said :

    The best way to obtain finance?

    There are only two ways:
    – Bank loan, or other financing
    – Sponsorship

  11. JT said :

    I would recommend you try BuildStore – thye are still based in Livingston & now have a big Centre in Swindon too. They can help you arrange a mortgage for the land, and for the building costs too. They will probably advise you to take out insurance on the plot as well. I believe their accelerator mortgage is still available,where you get the money you borrow released to you up front, which works pretty well.
    They are a really friendly bunch, and they certainly know their stuff – or 0845 223 4455

  12. JT said :

    …I forgot to add that of you are not planning to have the house as youir main residence, you will be classed as a developer, so it may be more difficult to get funding for that.


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