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forex trading school – how to find the best forex trading school?

It very difficult to learn forex with my own. I need to take my time finding the perfect forex trading school through internet. Actually i want to have real time experience about forex, so where can i find the best forex trading school?

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4 Responses to “forex trading school – how to find the best forex trading school?”

  1. Joezef said :

    I’m myself ears opened for your replies as I’ve been browsing searching for a good trading academy
    where I can learn fx.
    Unfortunately not sure to get one as one read what their ad is saying.

    PS. How about being friend???

  2. Ella said :

    you may check your options in this site. it will lead you to a reputable, leading forex broker that offers personal tutorial to new forex traders via phone, email, chat or even personal meeting if you happen to reside near any of their regional offcies worldwide. you will need to open at least a mini account to avail of the serice. all the best.

  3. Mutiara said :

    Yes, its true! When you are trying to muddle through the learning process of forex trading, it can be very difficult on your own. Being prepared for everything that the forex marketplace offers is not exactly a task that can be effectively taught to yourself without having real time experience because it is almost the only way to comprehend the complexity of it all. So, you need forex trading school to have the real time experience.

    You can refer to this site below if you want to know more about forex trading school.

    forex trading school at

  4. mark mc donnell said :

    If you want to go to a forex trading school, the online academies and bootcamps cost $200 per month or up to $5000 per weekend. No results guaranteed, just a 5 page contract to sign.

    Dont take that route. I have a series of 5 award winning illustrated articles about the spot forex. Please start by reading them and if you like what you see I have alot more, including audio and video libraries, and 12 more technical articles, all absolutely free.

    Here is the link to the 5 award winning articles:

    Mark Mc Donnell
    Yahoo Answers Level 3 Responder


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