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Anyone requires services for book keeping and cost accountant?

I am a accountant with good working experience in Quickbooks. Also i have good knowledge in preparing cost accounts.

Please contact me if you require any accountant.

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2 Responses to “Anyone requires services for book keeping and cost accountant?”

  1. peachiepie said:

    Hey I didn’t know you could place job ads on Yahoo answers, if this is OK then I have one too!

  2. Shekar P said:


    Am seeing many projects out sourced on freelance sites which relates to book keeping and many are long term and potential. Two of such freelance sites I had listed on my blog, you register with them for free and list your skills. They will mail you as such when projects out sourced. Remeber you will not pay anything and pament is thru safe escrow.
    Visit :

    Good Luck


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