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How good of an accountant do you need to be to support QuickBooks?

I support QuickBooks in a technical sense, and need more insider knowledge of QuickBooks. Right now, the program could be in Chinese and it wouldn’t matter, because I just set up the network and the backup scenarios. I need better access to current compatibility information and the like, and the best way seems to become a certified QuickBooks advisor. The problem is, I am NOT an accountant by any stretch of the imagination. But, isn’t QuickBooks written for non-accountants? Thanks in advance for your thoughts.

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3 Responses to “How good of an accountant do you need to be to support QuickBooks?”

  1. Mike A said :

    You don’t need to be an accountant – you just need a general understanding of basic accounting practices. QB is easy to learn and does the accounting for you. If you know the difference between A/R and A/P, and you can balance a checking account – you’re good to go.

  2. rrelectric1993 said :

    Petty good, but need to know QB real good

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