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What bank shows online pictures of the check deposited?

I tried to look at the pictures of the check in my Bank of American account, but it doesn’t show it. Does BOA do online pictures?

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4 Responses to “What bank shows online pictures of the check deposited?”

  1. Judy said:

    Yes mam, they all do.
    Just click on the check. You may have to hit refresh. F5
    Every single bank in the world keeps a copy of their checks.

    The banks that may not yet offer this, will send you the cancelled check back with your monthly statement.
    The depositors bank info will clearly be on the back.
    Easy to track who cashed the check.

  2. ks said:

    Idk if BOA does but Wachovia bank does I believe

  3. Dan B said:

    Wells Fargo does through the view checking account statements page only for checks YOU’VE written against YOUR account. You cannot see checks that you deposited.

  4. PooPooLaTrash said:

    Yes. B of A shows checks you have written as well as deposits that have been made, although I doubt it will show the source of the deposits. However, the person who wrote that check will be able to see that check in their account.

    Most all banks allow their customers to see the checks they have written online.


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