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How long would it take for a credit card to have a positive impact on your file?

I am 24 and still fairly new to credit as all I have ever had is a bank account. I have recently taken out a credit card from my bank as was wondering how long it would take for this to show and have a positive impact on my credit score?

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4 Responses to “How long would it take for a credit card to have a positive impact on your file?”

  1. steve said:

    depends on your credit line and how long you’ve had it

  2. Judy said:

    “New Credit” will ding your score for the first 6 months.
    After that you will see an improvement in your rating.
    Never use more than 30% of your available credit limits on your cards.
    This is when the score starts dropping.
    IF you want really good credit, pay in full each month.
    You never pay interest this way and develop top credit.
    Charge something like food or gas, and pay it in full when the bill comes in the mail.

  3. Carol said:

    Hi, it doesn’t work like that straight away unfortunately. You build up good credit by showing you make regular and on time payments with your credit card. So it is a time thing, and in time it will build and get better. Other factors that contribute to your credit rating are; electrol register (make sure you’re on it), how long you’ve lived at your current house, (less than 3 yrs is not that good), how long you have been in your job, things like that.
    If you want to keep checking your credit report every month to see how your credit is going up, Experian offer a free 30 day trial – you can apply here;

  4. Ryan said:

    once you start using it and start making payments on time, your credit card company will start reporting to the credit bureau every 30 days or so. Over time that will help. However, having no activity on the card does not help. Get great tips on building credit here


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