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What is the area of business where the most money is spent?

I am very good with money, and I plan to be a millionaire or billionaire when I grow up, so I would like to know where the most money is spent. Meaning what are people most interested in. Obviously food is a necassary item, but its not so easy getting a product well known there (although it isn’t with most areas of business). So anyways, could anybody tell me where most people spend there money, and what most people want? So far I just know that whatever anybody does is linked to the want of happiness, so the more immediate effect my product has for happiness the better. So which area of business is it? Food, medicine, hobbies, electronics, cosmetics, pets etc. etc.?
Thanks, and sorry if the details were too long.
P.S. I’m only thirteen, so I have plenty of oppurtunity, I don’t have to spend any money right now. So I can basically do anything, and I do know about patents and all that stuff, and I’m still willing to make money no matter how hard it is.

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One Response to “What is the area of business where the most money is spent?”

  1. randomopin said :

    It sounds like you want someone to provide you with fool-proof directions to become a billionaire.

    If it were really as simple as following directions to be a billionaire, don’t you think we would all be billionaires?

    My advice, if you want to be rich, is have enough patience to loosen up for now but to keep BOTH your HEART and MIND OPEN. That way, you can learn how to be the best you that you can be. Allow opportunities to come to you instead of chasing after them and potentially driving them away.

    When you become the best you that you can be, you will see myriads of good business opportunities in front of you. That’s when you act, when both your heart and mind AGREE.


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