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Can anybody give me some good money saving tips?

I am planning a holiday to New York in November and obviosly I need to start saving up now, but I tend to be a bit of a careless spender and don’t have very good money managing skills.
Does anybody have any good ideas and tips?

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26 Responses to “Can anybody give me some good money saving tips?”

  1. elizadushku said :

    Stop spending it.

  2. cocacola186 said :

    don’t spend it on things you don’t really need.

  3. HST said :

    start by buying supermarket own brands rather than “named” stuff..its a start and will make a difference

  4. Kate S said :

    go on martin lewis’ website- there are some great money saving tips on there

  5. Nejady J said :

    “…we can be richer than industry
    as long as we know that
    theres things that we don’t really need…”

    Oxygen, Willy Mason

  6. Steph said :

    dont go clothes/shoe shopping anymore!
    unless its for a work uniform, DONT DO IT!
    just buy things you need, toiletries, food, and bills.

    put any left over money in the bank and dont spend it, you’ll gain interest on it and end up with more.

  7. schoolmarm said :

    I have great luck with payroll deduction. It goes directly into an account and I never see it – just my statements.

  8. moosemgtf said :

    Sit down and work out a buget and STICK to it!! then at the end of each day or week work out how much uve spent and where you can cut back. xx

  9. TropicalEssence07 said :

    Don’t buy things you do not need. Sure, it’s easier said than done! =)

  10. f_barlmer said :

    If it’s on a bank card, leave the card at home. This way you won’t be able to spend it, and by the time you get home you will have realised you don’t really want it. If you still want something after, say, a week, then buy it.

  11. ♥ that one girl ♥ said :

    if you know that you are a careless spender, that should make it easier to recognize when you are about to buy something you dont need and tell you to save the money for the trip instead. it might be hard at first, but just keep the trip in the back of your mind and you will find that its easier. thats what i do cuz im a shopaholic but im about to move out on my own and need to save up for that. also, avoid situations where you feel you may mess up, like going to the mall too often. you KNOW you are gonna see something there you like, so just dont go or cut back on how often you go. have fun in NY 🙂

  12. King Leonidas said :

    yea , Don’t go THE BIG APPLE MEANS BIG $$$$

  13. thespywhoknowsyou said :

    one of those time saver account’s, i think that is what they call them, you specify to the bank the period you want to save over and the minimum amount you deposit per month, and you can’t withdraw the funds till that period is up :o)

  14. Coochy_COO! said :

    The best thing I did was start bringing my own lunch to work. I work in central London and used to spend almost £10 a day on lunch. If you do that, you’re instantly saving £50 per week.
    I’m also doing the no-booze January to save a few pennies and get myself a bit healthier!

  15. YadaYada said :

    Get one of those money pots where you have to smash the pot to get into it!

    Whenever you’ve got a spare £10 or £5 or a £1 slip it in as often as you can!

    I did this last year and managed to save over £500 and we had a fantastic holiday in scotland!


  16. Katie B said :

    if you havent got a job already you should get one.if not make a shopping list everytime you go out so you know exactly where to go and shouldnt go into a shop and coming out with something completly different to what you had planned!!if you see something you want badly just think about new york and how you wont be able to go if you buy it.

  17. Arun M said :

    put it in the bank, so you think twice before taking it out

  18. alexabiscuit said :

    Although it sounds stupid, the best thing to do is buy yourself a notebook or even a finance book, and write down all the money you earn, then write down the things you need to spend money on, eg bills, food etc. Then work out how much you have left over to spend on other things.
    Its a good idea to work out how much extra money you have a week, and then set yourself an amount to save each week. It could only be 20 or 30 dollars but it will really help.

    If you tend to waste alot of money on unimportant things, you need to just stop and think before you buy things. I know that i myself have a very bad habit of always buying a drink when i go out, so ive started taking a water bottle and filling it with something interesting, like juice.

    Another thing to consider is maybe you buy alot of clothes and/or things for your house on a whim. A good thing to try is to look at each item before you buy and ask, “do i love it? and do i need it?” if you answer no to both the dont buy it.

    Hope this helped! 😀

  19. Joe King said :

    Stop washing and you will reduce the money you spend on dates as they won’t last long.

  20. Michael W said :
  21. A Nonymiss said :

    Manage your accounts online and get an online saving account.

    As soon as you get paid each month transfer as much of your money as possible into your saving account. Work out how much you realistically need to spend each month and transfer whatever’s left. I hate taking money out of my saving account so it always puts me off spending too much.

  22. sammie said :

    Firstly i would work out my incomings then my outgoings

    secondly after comapring the two

    I would pay the essentials and then work out my disposable income and allow myself a budget for incidentials and with the rest i would pop it into a high intrest account that does not give you cash cards and you need to give 28 days notice on to withdraw

    I would also become a savvy shopper .. say you needed new boots the money comes out of your budget and when the budget money has gone it has gone until the next month

    You have to be disciplined if you want to go to new york and tight

    What about an extra job for the new york fund?

  23. april9rockstar said :

    write down your weaknesses- things that lead you to spend on things you dont need. write it on a peice of paper and fold it around your credit/debit cards.

    Nip to the super market, on a list of thing you need write next to them what the price would be if you were to buy own brand things or a cheaper version where vegetables are concerned.

    try walking more so you use less petrol. park further away for example.

    ebay, embrace it, sell some things on there- dvds you dont watch, anything you cant take with you, even if its not in great shape, someone might want it, sell cds, clothes in last seasons fashion, shoes you like but cant wear- painful heels etc, extra coats or jackets you dont wear and so on… make sure the money from these go to a saving account. plus, every time you save £5 or more from buying own brands, put it in a savings account, it soon adds up.

    hatever your phone contract it, stop it, and lower your use of it
    and simply buy phone vouchers, it could save you £35 a month, if not more, depending on your contract

  24. fla said :

    you need to learn this for life not just a vacation in november.

  25. Tala said :

    open another account where you can start saving for your holiday. you then arrange a transfer with your bank so that every month a certain amount, that you choose, is transferred from your account to this new account. also create a budget and try and stick by it for 3 months, once you have done this it will be like routine and you will probably carry on using a budget. most people forget that saving requires practise. so good luck!

  26. garstard said :

    If that is the case, the best thing you can do is budget. Take a note of your income, then deduct all of the things you have to pay (bills, food, transport to and from work). Then, from what’s left set aside an amount to save towards your holiday. The money you have left is yours to spend that week or month, and it should be fine so long as you keep a record of everything that you spend.


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