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How much do bank tellers start off in salary at Bank of America?

I have an interview with bank of america, and was wondering what the starting wage is? thanks!

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2 Responses to “How much do bank tellers start off in salary at Bank of America?”

  1. Charlie said :

    When I got a job as a teller at BOA, I had no banking experience. They started me at $11.50/ hour. Part-time This was in 2005 in Massachusetts. A younger girl started later than me and was paid $11/hour.
    They blow alot of hot air around saying the low wage is justified by the “bonus payouts” you will receive every quarter. They make the goals so high and unrealistic it’s almost impossible to achieve them. Your bonus pay will also weigh heavily on other factors that usually ruin it for you.
    Otherwise, the company is a good place to gain experience and then move on to somewhere more desirable to work. I’m happy I worked there and I’m also happy I don’t anymore.
    Good luck to you.

  2. sasil85 said :

    First off the guy above is making way over the average for bank tellers. Your average teller will only make around 9/10 dollars an hour. Really depends on the area and what the average rates are.


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