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How can I make money without a job, ideas to make extra money?

Besides getting a job, which is actually very hard now a days, while I am in search of a job, what are some ways or tips I could make additional money in the meantime?

Any ideas.

BESIDES online surveys or online gimmicks. Anything I can do in real life or something.

Help me please. And thank you.

Ways in which I can make money.

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8 Responses to “How can I make money without a job, ideas to make extra money?”

  1. eskie lover said :

    You are in the same situation as many others. I have neighbors who have been looking for a job for over 8 months and have either lost or are about to lose their unemployment benefits. Here are some of the things they are doing to raise some cash. Have a garage sale and sell whatever you have that you no longer need, want or are using. Offer your services. I have one neighbor who cleans homes, one who has done yard work, one who runs errands, one who does handyman repairs, one who paints homes inside and outside, one who walks my dogs and will house sit when we’re out of town, one who helped cater an event and one who even “rents” out her table linens, crystal, china and silver service. Oh yeah, one neighbor has chickens and sells the eggs, one grows citrus and avocado and sells those at a roadside stand. Hope one of these ideas will apply to your situation. Good luck!

  2. Gabsy said :

    Yes you can make money meanwhile you dont have a job by working online,for example cashcrate its a free site where you complete free surveys and earn cash,its very easy i use it

    1.http://c a s h c r a t in address bar) Create an account…Take spaces out!
    2.Make a profile you will already get $1
    3.Then complete surveys,there are videos on youtube for help 😉

    BTW..When signing up ENTER REAL ADDRESS ETC.

  3. Adam said :

    p a i d t e e n s . w e b s . c o m

  4. designsbykendra said :

    Absolutely! You can start your own website business like I did! Please visit and be the first to learn about how to own your own turnkey website business. There is very low start up cost involved and these website businesses are automated so that anyone can make money when owning one of them! Bookmark this website and you will be one of the first ones to own an already established business so that you can start earning revenue rather quickly. Their official launch date is June 17th.

  5. Coby said :
  6. A Parker said :

    Be careful what you read about making money online – my partner runs this site, so I know it is legit – take a read – it will be worth a minute of your time

  7. John said :

    You could upload pictures to and get paid for how ever many views you receive. You could surf the web using and get paid just for searching the web (this is very easy to do!). You could also get paid for reading emails using or Another way you could make money is to take surveys online. You can get the surveys using or I personally use every single one of these sites and i love all of them. None of them are a scam and i have gotten at least 2 payouts from every single site listed here!

  8. paintingj said :

    I would suggest that you examine two things about yourself: What can you do and what do you like to do.

    I think its best if you can make money doing something that you like to do and that you are good at.

    Are you good with computers? My son is and has turned his hobby into cash a few times by fixing and selling computers.

    Maybe you can do laundry for a neighbor or babysit?

    I know I suspect of all the websites that promise cash or say you sell things you never see so be careful if you try any of them.

    Good Luck!


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