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How can I make money easily around my neighborhood and town?

I’m 13 right now My friend and I want to go on a trip to New York in about a year. My friends parents dont have alot of money so we are trying to find other sources of cash. We are going to be paying for the trip ourselves and I was wondering if you guys had any suggestions on ways of making money. Any idea, no matter how crazy is would be helpful. Thanks!!

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7 Responses to “How can I make money easily around my neighborhood and town?”

  1. harley d said :

    Offer to mow lawns or do gardening,,tidy yards,,run to the shop,,walk dogs……all sorts of odd jobs your neighbours might pay you to do !

  2. Meka p said :

    You can make money online with GPT sites. Its free, easy and legitimate. You can make 50.00+ a month and you can be 13 and up with parents permission. I have all the details on my website that will explain how these programs work and how to make money from them.

  3. websta said :

    cut grass

  4. James said :

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  5. Douglas E said :

    Trash day!?

    Look at the things that people put out, and no I’m not talking about dumpster diving. Brass, copper, all metals are at a premium right now, and can cashing well. I took a bag and a half of crush soda cans in to be recycled and got $9.00 for 15lbs. That’s a pretty good haul.

  6. Kyle H said :

    baby sit, dog sit, offer to walk dogs, garage sale, mow lawns, sell lemonade, clean houses,clean garages,pull weeds,ebay, a dishwasher at a restaurant(some do hire), paper route,wash inside and clean outside of cars, some fast food places hire, make crafts and sell them house to house.

    There are many opportunities, just find something you like to do and go from there. Im 14 and I started trying to make money a few months ago. I like to excercise, so I decided to mow lawns for neighbors(its not neccessarily something that I liKe to do though) But I do like to sell things, and I often do garage sales. Just find something you like and work hard at it, if you work hard you will do well BTW i just made 220 dollars at a garage sale with my brother, and I now have around 1,500 dollars. Good Luck!

  7. Nora Wimegh said :

    my son made a neighborhood newspaper and got 6$ on his first day try it


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