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How can I get copies of my last 3 bank statements?

I’ve got an appointment on Monday, they have asked me to bring my last 3 statements, but I can’t find them! Can I just walk into the bank and ask them to print them out for me?

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8 Responses to “How can I get copies of my last 3 bank statements?”

  1. The Bricklayer said :

    Going to the bank will be the only way.

  2. goodworshiper said :

    simply go to your bank and make a request for it.

  3. Becky H said :

    Your bank will supply them but they do charge for the service and it’s not cheap

  4. ERICH M said :

    Yes you can but it would be a lot easier with on-line banking,you can print any statement off at any time and as far back as 2 years

  5. happytiger said :

    Hi Livinfor

    ( 1) You can go to your bank online, sign up, if you haven’t already done so, go to your statements and print them out, they go back a very long way, so you should be able to get all the ones you want.

    (2) Some banks have the facility to enable you to print off statements from their A.T.M’S.

    (3) You can get them in the bank, they usually take two to three weeks to come, and can cost from five to seven pounds each, the first two options are instant and free, if you can, go down that route, it is good to join your bank online, because you can keep track of your finances and pay your bills, i love it and do it all the time.

    I hope this helps you Livinfor?

    Be Happy from


  6. maryblue said :

    you can only go online now, (you have to sign up and it’s a long-winded process for security reasons but it’s worth it esp. as you’re in a hurry), otherwise try your bank today or tomorrow. some may charge for it.

  7. Doctor Deth said :

    do you have access to your acct online? if not, go to the bank – they may charge a small fee

  8. mark m said :

    You will need to go to your bank ask for it in person.


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