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How can a figure out who the accountant is of a store without asking the owner?

I previously worked a a small store located inside the mall? My last pay check that was sent to me have been stolen. The owner of the store is not working with me due to being upset that I quit.She keeps on telling me that she will contact her accountant but never does. Is there any way that I can find out who the accountant is of the store so I can call her myself?

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4 Responses to “How can a figure out who the accountant is of a store without asking the owner?”

  1. sumbumblebee said :

    Not really. And even if you did find out who the accountant is, she couldn’t talk to you without her client’s permission if she’s a CPA. If your check has been stolen, your ex-boss would need to contact her bank and tell them to cancel the check before it’s cashed. Then they’d need to re-issue a check to you, which is where the accountant comes in (if they’re doing the payroll and not a payroll company). The best thing you can do is ask (nicely) one more time. Be explicit in what you need. If your ex-employer still refuses to cooperate, explain that you’ll be in touch after contacting your state’s labor board. Don’t be rude about, just explain that you need your last paycheck now, and if they continue to procrastinate, you’ll be forced to get outside help.

    Good luck! :0)

  2. Journal Entry said :

    Yes, if you have an old paycheck issued by a firm that does the payroll.

  3. Dewey Etcitty said :

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  4. Ellsworth Farinacci said :

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