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How can i figure out who the accountant is for certain store?

I previously worked a a small store located inside the mall? My last pay check that was sent to me have been stolen. The owner of the store is not working with me due to being upset that I quit.She keeps on telling me that she will contact her accountant but never does. Is there any way that I can find out who the accountant is of the store so I can call her myself?

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One Response to “How can i figure out who the accountant is for certain store?”

  1. ShirleyFrazier said :

    Even if you call the accountant directly, that person may not provide you with much help.

    No one wants to tangle with the state department of labor, and that’s who you must speak with regarding this matter (as long as you are in the U.S.).

    The state department of labor will want all of the information you can provide in order to contact the store and find out about this problem.

    You can bet that if you don’t get your check, you’ll still be responsible for taxes on monies you never received when you file your 1040 in 2010. I’m sure you don’t want that.

    Visit your state’s department of labor either online first to learn if your situation is on a frequently-asked questions page. If it is, follow the directions. If not, try to visit the office that’s closest to you, or call them.

    Since the ex-boss is not cooperating, you have no choice but to go “state” on her.

    It will be some time (difficult to say how long) before you get your check because it must first be proven that you did not cash the first check. That means waiting for canceled checks from the store’s bank account and other details.

    Still, you have to put all of this in motion, or nothing will be accomplished.

    Shirley George Frazier
    Author and Small Business Expert


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