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where can i find someone to finance my student life in London?

I want to devote to my studies and i don’t want to work,but i need the money,what should i do?Where can i find someone or somewhere to help me?

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6 Responses to “where can i find someone to finance my student life in London?”

  1. slovo76 said :

    If you figure this one out, please let me know the answer…
    Try for hints on public funding bodies, etc. There are lots of categories depending on where you’re born, your gender, your subject area, your parents’ career, etc. so there might be something that applies to you.

  2. Flyboy said :

    i want to devote to my life….but i dont want to work
    I still have to pay rent, heating, food, tax etc etc…is there anyone there to help me??
    Get a part time job like everyone else, or take out a loan.

  3. MGN2006 said :

    I want to devote to my shopaholic spending habbits and I dont want to work, but I need the money, what should I do? Where can I find someone or somewhere to help me?

    Freak, why should other people pay for your continued education when you could be working in the real-world and paying tax like the rest of us

  4. crosbie said :

    There are various charitable organisations which give grants for education – often quite small ones, but they can add up. Obviously it depends what course you are doing as most of the charities can only fund specific courses and you’d need to explain why you are an exceptional case. The Registrar or burser at your college may be able to supply information.

    Alternatively, you could just get a student loan like everyone else….

  5. punkrockdreadlock said :

    Get a f*cking job! That’s what everyone else has to do. Unless mummy and daddy pay for them. I’d like to not have to work and have someone support me so I could just do what I want to do, when I want to do it, but it ain’t gonna happen. Go on the game.

  6. mama mia said :

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    Anyway hope it helps


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