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What is the best way to get a good laptop on Finance?

I would like a new laptop on finance. I saw the one I wanted on PcWorld (The HP laptop which flips into a notebook with a touchscreen) – however the APR was 21.9!! The best loan I can see is 19.4APR. I want a nice laptop that I can pay about £20-£40 a month for around 2 years. Recommendations would be appreciated, or the best way to “work the system”. – Many thanks.
I have an &More card with debt on it and want to avoid taking out any more credit cards. The stores over here in Ireland don’t really have store cards in computer stores.

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4 Responses to “What is the best way to get a good laptop on Finance?”

  1. Cory Z said :

    Find a store that sells them and get the store credit card and buy the laptop when they are offering interest free financing. I got 2 years interest free when I bought my TV.

  2. laplandfan said :

    Go to PC world. I saw an ad on tv last night that stated if you sign up with orange then you get a free laptop. Might be worth looking into before going into debt.

  3. Rob E said :

    Find a bank account with a good low cost overdraft – then you can spread the cost over the period that you choose.

    Eg, Nationwide Building Society has an overdraft of 7.75%. I run a 3000 pound overdraft, with little checks from them – and I’ve increased it online. You’d probably need to be in work, for them to grant it. Way cheaper than any of your credit cards.

    The account is called Flexaccount, and comes with a Visa Debit card, which would allow you to make the purchase. If you get into credit, it also pays good interest, which would offset what you’re paying for the overdraft, when you remain overdrawn. I find this a good way to borrow.

    This compares to Natwest Current Plus overdraft rate of 19.99%, so is hugely cheaper. Plus it’s free to use your Nationwide visa debit card for purchases or cash withdrawals or purchases, whilst you’re abroad.

    Otherwise, if you have your income paid into this account, or similar, each month, then you’ll reduce the amount that you pay, as your overdraft will be reduced, each time some money is paid into the account.

    Beware of borrowing, unless you are absolutely certain that you can afford something! I and many others have gotten into trouble in the past, and it’s a very sad, tough nasty process! Consider reconditioned laptops, eg. from Dell Outlet, they sell from around 400 pounds, depends on model and stock.

    Good luck! Rob

  4. darryl h said :

    you will find that bank lending rates in most cases are less than packages you buy into in shops, if i had gone with the finance pakage i was offered with my car instead of the bank loan i took out it would have cost almost £1800 shop around the banks,good luck.


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