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What can we the consumer do to start getting the money flowing again to put a stop to the economic downturn?

I am worried about our future everyone seems to have lost confidence in the banks and have now stopped spending money.

I am interested to know what needs to happen in order for the global economy to start improving again what incentives would you need to start using your money to buy the things you usuallly bought before things got tight.

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5 Responses to “What can we the consumer do to start getting the money flowing again to put a stop to the economic downturn?”

  1. mario D said :

    You ask an incredibly hard quesiton to answer and everyone will have a diffrent opinon one is to spend because when you buy things the money starts flowing.

    As well if your an investor DONT SELL the reason (oversimplified) that the market is goiing down is because people are freaking out adn selling, right now and in a half a year are great times to buy because the market will go back up and you will make a bundle the question is what to buy.
    I Hope i helped.

  2. Earl s said :

    nothing. the consumer didn’t cause this problem & can’t fix it.

    Our manufactured exports are down & that is critical. It isn’t just Americans who buy our products.

    Many people are unemployed & don’t have money to spend. No banks are going to completely fail, they will be merged. People are afraid of losing their jobs & so have cut back.

    The big boys in government, industry & finance got us into this mess, they have to get us out.

  3. Andrew G said :

    spend money,lend money borrow money,invest money,rip people off to make a profit which you spend,lend,invest etc
    helps if you have money in the first place!

  4. Eddy T said :

    We are all consumers. In order to be consumers for goods and service we must have capital or incomes. We need to be employed in order to have income to spend on the things we need.If we borrow to spend such money cannot help in the economic downturn because you need to pay back what you owed. If you do not a financial crisis may occur.

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