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What are the best forex automated signals available ?

Im very interested in getting a Forex automatic system to trade for me.
I have heard great things about forex robots,but i have no experience with them.
Would you recommend any of them?


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7 Responses to “What are the best forex automated signals available ?”

  1. rob m said :

    I would say forex ambush is ok, have a look at the url for some reviews of different systems

  2. Stive W said :

    Forex signal system trading is the service that delivers automatic signals to you. It shows you precisely when to trade a specific currency pair. You can receive these signals through email, SMS text, pop up window, or in the membership area, depending on which service you used. Traders can avail membership, customized strategies and trading for all currency pairs all offered by most signal services. Remember that you must consider the accuracy of your signal service provider. Make sure that it is 80 percent accurate or even higher to prevent losses.
    To judge the best forex signal system trading, you must see a few factors. Firstly, you need to see if they do have proves of their correct signal judgements in the form of either testimonials, or actual previous predictions. Next, the best forex signal system trading normally will charge a higher premium because of being the best. But you must be careful of people who want to take advantage of this mentality, so ask around in forum before deciding.
    Automated Forex software is quite similar to forex signals. Although signal service and automated software are both automatic, both are distinct in some ways. Automated Forex Software can be easily installed and can trade on its own even when you are not around. This comes along with a downloadable program that can be very helpful to your business. It is recommended that you install an automated software that can give you consistent profits in the long run.

  3. yeschef2003 said :

    Forex Robots, really automatic trading software can be good. Check out….

  4. jossefsal said :

    There is a difference between forex signals and forex robots. don’t mix them together.

    Forex signals can make your forex trading easier and sometimes more profitable if you work with high accuracy rate signal provider. But you are making the trades.

    however forex robots are an automated software that makes the trades for you, some robots are very profissionals and were designed by expert forex traders, those robots play it as safe as possible with minimum risk that cause also low profits (but i think low profits are always better than losing)

    other robots are worthless and cannot do anything for you, those robots were designed to be sold and make money to the owners only.

    Here is my recommendation of forex robots that i personally use and very satisfied with the results

  5. Elliott said :

    Don’t get involved with automated forex systems. If it were possible to have these automatic money making systems then nobody would go to work. In any case why would they sell you the system when they can make money themselves without the hassles of clients.

    If you are truly interested in the forex market you will have to take the time to learn and experience trading forex. In time you will become profitable.

  6. Oya A said :

    Forex Ambush is merely a service providing you the signals of when and what to trade for the most profit. Never Seen Before and Totally Unheard Of 100% Accurate Artificial Intelligence Forex Trading Signals

  7. Fx said :

    There is NO forex signal company that can beat the market in the long run. This is from my experience in forex trading for years. Else everyone is rich. Here is a good read about forex signal company:

    A Forex trader needs to learn and master the necessary skills to be successful in forex trading.


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