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Money making ideas for girls raising money for our church?

We are collecting money to redecorate our youth group room so it doesn’t look like death. We need as much money as we can get. What are some ways to earn money? Aside from:
raking leaves
car wash
asking for donations
walking dogs
other various yard work
No Aniekd you misunderstood. Those are ideas we ALREADY have. I didn’t want people to suggest them because we are already planning on doing those things.

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13 Responses to “Money making ideas for girls raising money for our church?”

  1. Judy said :


  2. spbitz said :

    have a bake sale during sunday morning church services for a couple weeks!!! have all the girls bake something sweet (as a donation to the bake sale) then all of the money you get will strictly be profit spent on redecorating 🙂

  3. Anniekd said :

    Churches love rummage sales. I’m not sure why.

    Look, if you aren’t willing to work, you don’t deserve the money, so don’t exclude those things merely because they’re physical labor.

  4. JeXx said :

    Ask some local dj, or something to do like a concert, with kewl music people can dance to or something, or have a band play at a concert and people could pay tickets

    that and/or

    have a local radio station tell on there radio to give money for donation for the church

    Get creative

    maybe you can start making art stuff and try to sell them etc.

    think outside the box

  5. Vanna said :

    Umm..well in my church and youth group we go to a church camp every year called Fort Caswell!
    It’s real expensive so we do like baked chickin lunches, and other foods after church! And when ppl come into eat they make some sort of donation!
    It really works well! We made over 1,000 dollars one time! And thats saying alot, cause the church I go to is not that big.

  6. pla4me2000 said :

    if you want to earn money for your ministry and church. have you Pastor/church leader to view the info on this site. the goal of any church is to solve problems in the community. you will solve the problem for the community and give businesses an opportunity to give to your causes

  7. rpf5 said :

    Go to your local supermarket, ask if you can hold a car wash. The idea is while they are doing grocery shopping, you do the wash & they come out to a nice clean car. Price it cheap. You wil get more business & less likely to be standing around idle.

  8. Colleen St. Claire said :

    Here were a few things we did when I was a teen for various group fundraising projects:

    – delivered the local neighborhood newsletter (you could also create and publish your own local newsletter and get ad sponsors)

    – bake sales

    – put on performances (choral, plays, and clown performances, which were a really big hit)

    – selling fundraising food items (there are a lot of groups who provide avenues to do this, especially candy-sales fundraising)

    – creating handmade gift items to sell, such as candles, soaps, bath salts, gift baskets, holiday decorations, etc. You could spend a day or two getting together to make the items as a group and then selling them at fairs, Christmas bazaars, local markets or anywhere else you can think of. If you have particularly creative or artistic individuals in your group, they could paint or draw on the packaging to make your product pretty. Outgoing members could pitch it to local shops or work as the “salesperson” at a booth. Alternatively, you could create an order form and take orders beforehand and then deliver the finish products all on one day.

    Good luck!

    Colleen, Editor of

  9. playkid12 said :

    How about:
    raking leaves in bikinis
    car wash in bras/undies
    asking for donations through stripping
    walking dogs in bikinis
    babysitting …oh dear.. no thats bad
    other various yard work in bikinis
    begging in bikinis
    chocolate sale in bikinis/bras n undies
    selling flowers in you know what
    bake sale
    any kind of fundraiser

    Or you can just pray for money? Praying always solves things in churches.

  10. Mike T said :

    hey there is this group that is online that needs advertising. They will pay you for wearing products like shirts, and putting up banners.

  11. Amit A said :

    you can earn money easily with these tricks

  12. Dan B said :

    I have a great option for you depending on where you are located. With energy deregulation your church can have its parishoners, supporters, etc. switch energy providers. The best part is there is no cost to your church, no cost to those switching and they save money on their bill. Many non-profits are doing this and are finding it to be a great fundraiser.

  13. Dan said :

    For some reason the site isn’t coming up. It is


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