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How much do yo u pay your accountant each month?

We’re in the beginnings stage of opening a business. We’d like to have an accountant but are unsure of the cost.

How much do you pay yours each month?

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One Response to “How much do yo u pay your accountant each month?”

  1. Matt M said :

    Ours cost around $1800 a year to do the end of year corporate tax returns, and a couple hundred dollars every quarter to do really light payroll.

    However, we have an accounting system and do the bookkeeping ourselves….our accountant handles the reporting to the government, keeping up to date on tax laws, etc.

    You may be looking for a bookkeeper (general clerical stuff like A/P, A/R, etc). This will prob run you around $10-$20 an hour depending where you live, but quite frankly, I would handle this yourselves for a while as you get a feel for the business, and eventually hire someone to do it when it becomes a burden.


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