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How can I locate bank owned homes in my area?

I’m looking for a free website that is either operated by a reputable bank or by government institution that lists properties in foreclosure.

I don’t want a site that has links to other sites.

Any other suggestions are also welcome, thank you!

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4 Responses to “How can I locate bank owned homes in my area?”

  1. CAtransplant said :

    Also just google “bank owned homes **your area**

  2. kemperk said :

    CA trans; my peer has one answer–a good one.
    Also, try any bank in your area and also
    try a “buyer’s agent” with any REAL ESTATE FIRM.
    gov bodies do not list RE, they create an RFP and send all their REO to the winner.

  3. gowebsolution said :

    I have done this and most the websites would want to charge you some fees. The best approach will be to contact the ban directly. By the way! almost all the houses on foreclosure are owned by a bank. So you can go to Bank of America loan office and they will provide a list of properties they own etc..

  4. La Jolla REALTOR® said :

    If you are looking for bank owned homes in San Diego you can search for free on my website.


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