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Has anyone ever used pay day loans?

If so, how often do you take out a loan? What are a few good companies?

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3 Responses to “Has anyone ever used pay day loans?”

  1. life coach said :

    Never do that! Our newspaper had an article about an elderly woman that borrowed 1,000 and the interest is so high-like 200% or something crazy like that, she now owes over 4,000! Do not do that.

  2. bull_rooster_aardvark said :

    The interest and fees on these are very, very high (to the point where more and more states are cracking down on these and driving the payday loan companies away). Don’t do this unless its a true emergency (like someone has a gun to your head type of emergency).

  3. MSK165 said :

    There are NO good payday loan companies. Interest can be as high as 396% at some of those places. Once people get one loan, they often are forced to take out other loans to cover that one. Don’t fall into the trap.


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