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do forex trading robots work or just another scam?

I keep getting email regarding trading robots for forex, on the surface these things make some sort of sense but then again I don’t understand a lot of the jargon used, are these easy for someone who has no knowledge to use or are they just a load of hype
OK put it another way, has anyone had any good fortune using these trading robots and which one did/do you use, unles someone has first hand experience of using them they are not really qualified to answer the question sensibly and are only trying to gain points

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9 Responses to “do forex trading robots work or just another scam?”

  1. Steve B said :

    OF COURSE it’s a scam ..

    First off, EVERYTHING you receive by JUNK MAIL is a scam .. just turn on the ‘spam’ filter and never see this cr*p again ..

    WRT to ALL types of betting software, IF ANY of them the worked, then WHY aren’t the ‘sellers’ using the software to make $$ millions every hour of every day (instead of wasting their time spamming the world with junk emails) ???

    ANSWER – because the ONLY way to make money from betting software is to scam morons out of license fee’s ..

  2. James K said :

    Some work, but you’ve got to be careful about which ones you “trust”.

    There’s so much crap out there that it’s so easy to get burned.

    Here’s a good resource for forex robots:

  3. sdfhjygfj h said :

    Currency trading-

  4. Can anyone said :

    Let me just say this, if I knew how to make 100k a day …. I would not send out a lefleat to you saying you can make 50k a day, and we both go 50/50

    anyone that CAN make money, does make money … a lot of these systems worked, and now don’t, and that’s when people like you are asked to climb aboard

  5. Guy Incognito said :

    Do some programs work? Yes. Are the ones you are getting commercials for profitable? 99% NO. If they were, people would be busy making millions by trading them, not giving aways their hard earned edge in the markets for 100 bucks a month or so.

  6. Colin said :

    Every bank who makes money in forex uses automated tools – so they do work – its using the right that matters.

  7. King said :

    I never use anything I get in my inbox. I’ve done tons of research on forex, the trading systems, etc. What I’ve had the most success with, is Forex Tracer. Their customer service is unparalleled from anything I’ve experienced when dealing with Forex.

    A compilation of my research:

    I trade enough to live a comfortable life. I quit my job a couple months back because I doubled my income in 7 months. I mostly trade for family members and friends now. For me Forex Tracer was the way to go. It’s easy to understand and the people there will walk you through every step.

    Good luck.

  8. resona.moeta said :

    Hey Check This Site … They Are Really Good When It Comes To Forex

  9. johndr10 said :


    Every big trader uses some sort of software to help him or her along. However, there are some scams out there.

    So, always buy a software which has a money back guarantee.

    Test the software on a demo account so you won’t lose any real cash until you’re sure that it works.

    Check out this review of recommended softwares:


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