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How do I know how much was paid into my bank account over tha phone?

Im applying for a paypal account, and they have made two deposits into my account but i dont have a recent bank statement.
Is it possible to ring the bank and find out the two seperate ammounts immediately?
Or would they send me a statement by post?

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2 Responses to “How do I know how much was paid into my bank account over tha phone?”

  1. *Tetia* said:

    all banks now offer internet banking, and most people take advantage of this.

    if you already have it you can just log into your account and see all recent transactions, or get your latest statement. if you were to call the bank they’d probably tell you to set up internet banking for things like this anyway.

    in australia you can go to an atm and get a mini statement, which would also show the deposited amounts, but i’m not sure you have access to this.

    if you called the bank i’m not entirely sure they’d actually be able to tell you recent transactions, but they are defiantly able to send you a statement by post, with the only down side being that this will take a few days! if your able to visit the bank they should be able print you of a statement.

    Just make sure you get the right information though, because bank statements are issued on certain dates, so your last statement may not actually contain the information that you need!

  2. nod32 nod32 ключи 2010 скачать said:

    original news,


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