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How can I get a used auto loan with my student loans inhibiting my available credit?

I have recently graduated college and am approaching nearly $80,000 in student loans to be repaid. I have found a car I would like to buy but no bank will allow me to take out a loan as my debt to credit ration is too high. What are my options? I’m from CT if that helps in finding somewhere?
I realize my debt to credit is high. I need a loan however and do not have time to save up. What are my options?

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7 Responses to “How can I get a used auto loan with my student loans inhibiting my available credit?”

  1. MadMan said:

    Some dealers might be able to get you financing but it will be very expensive. So, you need to save up cash for a car.

  2. Mad Men said:

    Because its debt to income ratio. If you have more debt than income with not get approved for a loan.

  3. Emerson said:

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  4. Jonson said:

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  5. Vins said:

    Financed cars is more expensive to insurance cause it requires full coverage. You can compare how much you would pay for full coverage of this car using this tool –

  6. Willie_Falco said:

    If your student loan is not in default and you are having difficulty making ends meet, you may be eligible to postpone payment. A forbearance is an approved general delay from making payments for a set period of time but not for any particular reason. Forbearance is generally requested only when deferment is not or cannot be used. With a forbearance, interest continues to accrue. A deferment is similar but does not accrue any interest. But the major difference between the two is that a deferment includes a very specific reason for the delay.

  7. Mrs said:

    WOW!! With $80,000 worth of student loan debt a car loan should be the furthest from your mind you should sacrifice and catch the bus or drive a friend or family members car or go to an auction right now. You simply can’t afford a car loan the couple hundred dollars you would be investing in a car loan should be going to this $80,000 worth of student loan debt that I’m sure you has interest on it.


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