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Will money be taken from my taxes because I have a student loan?

Ok, so we are going to go do our tax returns, and I was just curious, I still owe money for my student loan ( I am not working but my husband is) I am way behind on paying the student loans and they told me that they could garnish my wages and take money from my tax returns. Will they take that money from my husband just because I am on his taxes? And another question if they ask me if I have a student loan and I say yes, are they going to grant me money to help pay them off, or are they going to take money from his taxes? Pretty much the same question but someone please help!

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5 Responses to “Will money be taken from my taxes because I have a student loan?”

  1. spicertax said :

    This link says they will offset his refund only in community property states listed. On your second question the loan people are not the IRS so they have no right to go after your joint tax refund.

  2. skahhh said :

    If you are in school, they might not take it but if you are out of school ..and there is a number of days they go by,…..they are gonna garnish the tax return check….yeah.

  3. Judy said :

    He might be able to save his share of the refund from being taken by filing an injured spouse form.

  4. MIke CPA said :

    Did you work at all in 2006 and have taxable wages? More then likely I would have to say yes to your question above. If any type of refund is due upon filing your tax return, more then likley the Federal goverment will cross reference the SS# on the return and look for any outstanding debt, which being a student loan I assume is through the federal program. I had a case like this with a previous client who filed a return 2005 and had a refund due. He too, was behind on his student loan payments. When the IRS processed the return they sent notie to him indicating the refund was applied to his outstanding loan. The best way to resolve this issue is to contact the people who service your student loan. Based on your situation I would advise talking to them about filing a forbereance which they will put your loan back into a non-paying status. This way you may become in good standing with them once again and possibly avoid the refund being forfieted to pay your debt. Hope this helps

  5. vamedic4 said :

    Allison you need to be responsible here. Call your lender and tell them you need a deferment. This will allow you to postpone paying back your loan and it won’t count against you. They can give you up to a year at a time of deferral, and if you need more time, just reapply next year for another deferral. That way they won’t take your money or garnish your wages.


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